Private Yoga Packages

What you can expect in a private yoga session:

An initial consult to establish your goals and desires. To be led in a practice tailored to those goals. Expert attention to detail as we progress through the practice & laser coaching to address alignment, attitude & action.



Set your intention with my support and create a yoga sequence tailored to your goals or receive specific alignment help with a few postures.

2 hour package; hours can be taken separately or as one session.

Level 2


You’re ready to get on your mat and need support to get you going. I help you create an appropriate practice for your unique needs and support you in establishing momentum.

5 hours; in this package you are off to a fine start.



On-going private instruction to cultivate your practice as desired. As with all the packages you can schedule these as often as you like to ignite your practice in the ideal way to suit your lifestyle and needs.

15 hours; You commit to me as your teacher and we go deep.

Primal Core Yoga

Primal Core is a yoga style developed by Psalm Isadora and based on the ancient yogic science of Kundalini Tantra Yoga.

The Primal Core method seeks to awaken and activate Kundalini energy, raising it up through the subtle energy channels in and around the spine into the brain, where consciousness becomes expanded, fulfilling our human potential.

This method utilizes, not only a yoga poses (asana), but also yogic breathwork (pranayama), mantra (chanting) and core strengthening drills. The combination of these techniques provides an accelerated path of transformation of the body, mind and spirit. Rosy teaches this style as month long intensives.

Hatha Yoga/Deep Flow

In these classes you can expect to work the whole body. Classes begin with sequences to warm up the spine and joints The warmth continues to spread with vinyasa sequences to ensure foundational poses that heat and strengthen are included.

Themes that run through all these classes are; breath as guide, root lock (pelvic floor work) & core strength awareness.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is a specially modified practice for the unique changes in the pregnant body through all its stages. With years of experience as a teacher, Rosy keenly understands the challenges and protocols of this practice. In her prenatal classes you will learn safe ways to stay strong, energized and increase your flexibility to best prepare for giving birth.

Emphasis is given to opening the hips, strengthening the pelvic floor, relieving back & sciatic pain and fully celebrating the power, joy and mystery of creating new life.

“Rosy’s compassionate but firm teaching style is a wonderful way to challenge yourself from a place of love in order to find your true strength.”

Kaibrina Buck, Oakland CA