November Primal Core Intensive

Somehow we’re arriving at “Holiday Season”! How did this happen? Time flies, apparently!

We may as well cut to the chase and call Holiday Season, “Sugar, carbs and fat Season.” Just the pumpkin lattes alone can add a caloric burden that’s tough to shift.

I’ve always had the fantasy that somehow I will have an all healthy, energized holiday season where, by the end, instead of feeling bloated, tired, cranky and broke, I’ll feel light, energized and sane. Eating habits and traditions at this time of year can make this tricky, but I have the perfect antidote:

A November Primal Core Series!

3 full spectrum yoga classes/week with Core drills, Asana, Mantra and Pranayama, taking you from Yang to Yin.

A spectrum of transformative benefits are available via:


The attitude we bring to each moment can transform anything from mundane to expansive, from a drag to a gift. Since our first holiday of the season is Thanksgiving, you’re invited to orient to gratitude, laying the foundation for santosha, contentment.


We align ourselves with truth, what’s real, here in this moment. Finding physical alignment is like the ‘truing’ of a bent wheel. We iron out the kinks through the honest evaluation of our current limitations, in this way we find flow, come into balance and find ease and joy.


When we take new and different actions (kriya), transformation is inevitable. The action of committing to a practice and then the actions of the practice themselves will take you to new frontiers within yourself, you will, quite literally, never be the same.


Aquarian Heart Center
4920 Telegraph Ave
Suite H (Top Floor)
Oakland CA 94609

Breakdown of dates:


Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri
3 5 6
10 12 13
17 19 20
24 26 27

[Yes, I know, Thanksgiving Day–a great day to practice!!]

Class times: 9:15-10:45am

Full Series:

For this series I’m offering 3 different levels of commitment:

3, 2, or 1 classes per week for 4 weeks.


  • 3 per week (12 classes)


  • 2 per week (8 classes)


  • 1 per week (4 classes)