Happy Mother’s Day!

If you are pregnant or a new mom you may not be feeling your most sexy. I remember, during my first pregnancy, as my waistband expanded and my body transformed into an identity altering silhouette, how I struggled to believe that my husband would still find me sexy.

Well, turns out HE found me sexy, which is awesome, but having a large part of my identity formed out of looking a certain way, as well as the shift in my being as I became the host of a whole new person, it was hard enough to know who I was, let alone feel sexually alluring. However, I did still want sex, still enjoyed it and like all adults, needed it to feel alive, vibrant and happy.

We no longer live in times governed by oppressive religious doctrines telling us that sex is bad and that we mustn’t and that mothers especially mustn’t. If anything our culture has gone the opposite way, sexualizing the female form in the media, feeding us messages that in turn become oppressive as women are pressured to conform to unattainable standards of beauty that certainly don’t include pregnant bodies.

All of this to say, if we’re confused about our sexuality during pregnancy and as we enter motherhood, it would be perfectly understandable.

Like releasing the knots in our bodies in our yoga practice, we can untangle these pressures and oppressions to get to a true connection to and expression of our sexual energy. Why might we want to do that?

Here’s why:

  • Our sexual energy is our primal vitality. It is baby making energy and the energy that drives our lives.
  • Yoga awakens us to our wholeness and our sexuality is a part of our wholeness.
  • In yoga practice we’re opening awareness in the body, this enhances sex and getting specific about sex enhances it even more.
  • As mothers we need access to all the energy we can get. If we cut ourselves off from this source it can lead to depression and other forms of dis-ease.
As well as perinatal yoga, I teach a style of yoga based on Kundalini Tantra- Primal Core Yoga. Kundalini is what yogi’s call our primal, or sex energy. It is understood that this energy is what creates life and, when we allow ourselves to become more conscious of it, we can tap it and have it empower our lives.

Let’s remember what got us started on this baby making journey and celebrate the pleasures in life that makes it all worthwhile. I hope you all have a very Happy Mother’s day!