Circle of the Golden Moon

This collaboration between Golden Goddess Botanicals and Rosy Moon Yoga brings together plant and body wisdom in a series of lunar gatherings. Utilizing tools for self care and love we are creating a circle for women who crave a return to the sacred..honoring ourselves as embodiments of The Goddess.

Utilizing breath and a gentle movement series we will enliven our bodies while clearing stagnant energy, tension and pain. This will widen our capacity for pleasure, sensuality, creativity and joy. In this expansive state, we will explore various techniques for cultivating more love for ourselves and one another within the safety of our circle.

We believe this is crucial to the healing of womankind so that we can bring about systematic and paradigmatic change. Each of us needs the nourishment that comes through connection with others in ritual space so we can have the courage to do our work in the world.
Our planet needs the fertilizing moisture of our grief, the heat of our rage, the light of our knowing and the brilliance of our minds.

Ceremonial use of plant medicine both topically and internally will accompany our journey to the moon and back. Medicated Tea Service will proceed upon arrival and custom blends will be made to suit your preferences. Organic Herbal Infusions from Golden Goddess Botanicals will be made available to soothe, elevate and inspire as we welcome the full moon and invoke her powerful presence.

A Monthly Gathering of Women
Friday September 13th – 7:00-9:30pm
$45 preregistration required, address on registration.
We have space for 28 womxn maximum. All who identify as female are welcome. All body types and abilities welcome. Please let us know if you have any special needs we can accommodate.