Rosy Moon

Rosy apprenticed with R. Alexander Medin at East London’s Yoga Place E2 in Ashtanga Vinyasa style from 1999-2000. During her first pregnancy she studied Active Birth with Carol Ironside in Brighton, England and specializes in Pre and Postnatal yoga. She is deeply influenced by her studies with Sofia Diaz in Tantric Hatha Yoga and completed her 200hr RYT with Psalm Isadora in Primal Core Yoga in 2012. She is currently a part of Psalm Isadora’s teacher training faculty.

“When you spell out the truth, it loses its essence and becomes either ‘my’ truth or ‘your’ truth. By implying the truth, it doesn’t become anyone’s property. When the dragon wants a rainstorm he causes thunder and lightning. That brings the rain. Truth is generated from its environment; in that way it becomes a powerful reality. From this point of view, studying the imprint of the truth is more important than the truth itself. The truth doesn’t need a handle.”
–Chogyam Trungpa


I am in love with teaching yoga. My endless quest is to bring my students to the state of yoga, the union with that which is greater than us, the very force that breathes us in each and every sleeping and waking moment.

I have had the great blessing to have been cracked open to this grace in classes with one of my most rigorous and favorite teachers, Sofia Diaz. After one class I approached her and told her that I would like to be able to give my students the experience that I have in her classes, she laughed and responded, “Well, are you in it for the long haul?”

Her question and my desire to lead sincere students to the heart of yoga are what keep me coming back again and again. How do we, through learning a series of yoga postures, find our way to the true, intimate experience of grace.

What I learned in class with Sofia is that it takes a willingness to feel. “Yoga”, she says, “Is the willingness to feel what you have committed to though being alive.” Are you willing to stay in your body and feel what is uncomfortable, and even investigate your discomfort with wide eyed, open hearted curiosity?

The promise, if you do, is that you will begin to know yourself more deeply. You will know what you consider to be your limitations, and see which of those are just the mind, which are emotionally reactive habits and under that, discover what is more true; Where your true capacities lie. This process is empowering, liberating and energizing. This process gives us access to our true potential, which may sound trite and corny, but having been engaged with this methodology as long as I have, I know it to be true.


“When Rosy encourages her students to ‘open and feel the space around your heart,’ you know she is speaking from her own deeply-felt experience and sharing it with everyone in the class… She’s a Treasure.”

Jo H. (61-years-old and still going strong thanks to Rosy)